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I waited a while before starting to write this blog. I see so many improvements or changes that could be made ... but after four years of development I have to ship it. So here it “Slimes & Sorcerers” is done, not perfect, but done. Starting now you can try the game, print the birthday card that goes with it and order a customized version of the game for free by clicking the link below.


Before going further, I’d like to thank Miguel Bouchard and Samuel Lapointe for their help on the project. Thanks guys, this is really appreciated.

For those of you who’d like to know more about the development of the game, and why it took four years to create, I wrote a little something about it below, enjoy :)

Back in June 2013, I had been freelancing as game designer and trying to get my customized birthday card with video game micro business off the ground. (www.heroes-cards.com).

At that moment Heroes Cards was offering only two games, and one was a Christmas game. That's not a lot choice for customers. Making another game was a must ... No problem, making games is what I like to do so this is going to be easy.

Being in love with the game “Kingdom Rush”, a tower defense game that's really worth playing, I had a lot of ideas on how I would create a “simpler” yet awesome version of “Kingdom Rush”.

I was in luck as the game engine I use “Construct 2” had just released behaviors to create tower defense game, making my job easier and faster.

I was half-wrong, creating this game was indeed easier technically easier, but unfortunately it was not faster. Here's why.

PictureMore than a 1000 lines of code.
  • It was more complicated than expected

Quick frankly I had bitten more than I could chew with this project. At the start I thought I had all the “Construct2” knowledge to pull it off, but I had to learn a lot of new stuff to create some parts of the game. I had started to code the game a certain way, but in learning more efficient ways to do things, I had to redo a good chunk of the code.

  • Making it pretty

At the start of the project, I wanted to use free art assets you find on the internet, but as the game took shape I realized that the look of the game was not coherent at all. So I asked my friend Miguel to help me with the towers and logo of the game, but I channeled my inner artist do to assets myself. The monsters of the that game that were originally trolls, became slimes because they were easier to draw and animate. Add to that, the game cursors, splash screen, map of the world, ending image, some menu elements, the English logo and you find yourself with a lot of unplanned word.

All in all, I'm proud of the final result and what I was able to do (especially the world map) but all this slowed down the whole process.

The monsters before they became slimes.
An angry slime
The world of Arakum. Circa 2013
Splash screen image...a lot of work was put on that one.
PictureYou can blame them!
  • Having a life

When I started to work on the game I was still freelancing as a game designer and I could afford to spend many hours a day on the game. However, at the start 2014 my bank account told me I should get a regular job, which I did. Since then, with work, family, exercising, chores and getting out a bit, I had less time to work on the game. During weeks I worked on the game, (there was some week I did not work on it at all) I have put 3-4 hours of work on it. This is probably the main reason why it took so long, but I told myself I would finish the game, so I finished it :)

  • Features creep

A year ago I thought the game could have been finished, but I continued to add and modify features to make the game better. Some features were necessary, like the new world map or putting life bar over the smiles. Other features like the level ending images or moving clouds over the maps, don't add much to the game and were not necessary.
Look at the pretty moving clouds!
Here you have it, the mains reasons why this simple tower defence game took me almost four years to complete.  I Hope I will do better next time ... but we'll see. Thanks for reading and I hope you will have some fun playing it.
Bonus image for having read the whole thing


20/10/2017 3:53am

This birthday theme is really wonderful My son's birthday is already soon, I'm preparing for it. Then I see this blog and I was amazed by the theme. This is worth reading. I would love to do this theme with my son's birthday. Thank you for this. Keep on sharing.


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